Island News

5 Easy Meals for a Week at the Beach. http://www.coastalliving.com/food/kitchen-assistant/beach-week-meals


If you're concerned about the oil spill or hurricanes or if you want to know if you will be able to see a space shuttle launch or sea turtles nesting during your next visit, please be sure to check the Upper Captiva Civic Association's website. This link offers an abundance of useful information from the oil spill to tide tables.



Another good link is the June 2010 New York Times article "When in Doubt Insure". The article provides some basic information regarding purchasing travel insurance to protect you from flight delays, medical emergencies, weather issues and oil spills.



Sherman's Travel recently visited and published an article about the barrier islands in Pine Island Sound. The article gives a good insight to the area - just make sure to note the author's error - the Bubble Room restaurant is located on the big Island of Captiva not North Captiva as listed in the article! However, The Bubble Room is a worthy day trip destination.