North Captiva Island does not have a grocery, so it is necessary that you plan your dining for your stay in North Captiva in advance. We offer a service where you can fax in your grocery order and have all of the items delivered and put away in Bluefin Beach House prior to your arrival. Alternatively you can stop at a mainland supermarket before boarding the ferry. On the Island, Mango's Island Market, located next to the North Captiva Island Club, provides a small selection of last minute grocery items and select beverages should you forget something.

Grocery Delivery

Start your vacation with the time saving, stress reducing luxury service of having your groceries delivered to the house and placed in the refrigerator and pantry prior to your arrival. The fee for this service is currently 40%. North Captiva Island Club provides this service and you can register for it when you book your water taxi.

Publix Supermarket Pick Up

If you choose to stop at the supermarket in route to the ferry, you may fax an order into Publix at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. Publix charges a fee for their shopping service and will have all items boat packed and ready for pick up at your designated date and time. Publix is located at the intersection of Pine Island Road and Burnt Store Road. Please fax your order to (239) 282-5533. Please call them to verify they received your order (239) 282-5515. Provide them with an emergency number to contact you. Ask Publix to "Boat Pack" your dry, non-perishable items and "Cold Pack" your items needing refrigeration. Boat Packing means paper bags are placed inside plastic bags to make it durable to carry on and off the boats. Cold Packing can be done in Styrofoam coolers and ice or cool-bags and ice. Styrofoam is not a very environmentally sound option and leaves lots of trash behind after your visit. Go green and request that they pack with only cool-bags that can be reused or easily disposed of. Either way, Publix does add an additional charge to your order for the purchase of the coolers and ice, along with a fee for shopping.

Pine Island Pharmacy
Pine Island Pharmacy can fill your prescriptions should one be lost or for emergency needs. CVS on Pine Island also fills prescriptions. Any local pharmacy will need the doctor to call in the prescription or you must deliver a written one personally (not a fax) to be filled. Plan ahead and take a full prescription with you before you depart.


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